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New on BQ
Bank Failures
In the midst of the current economic crisis do you have questions about problem banks, deposit insurance, bank failure issues or keeping your money safe? We have answers in our Keeping Your Money Safe section.
Military Issues
In the Service? Our Military Issues section answers questions about the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and how it affects interest rates, debt, and foreclosure options.
Mortgage Help
Struggling to pay your mortgage? Facing foreclosure? Nervous about speaking with your lender? Wondering how foreclosure affects your credit and if you can recover? Check out our Mortgage Help section.
Featured this Week
Home Mortgage: Credit
With lending and mortgage questions topping may people's lists, we're highlighting some questions from that section related to credit:
Will Signing for Wife's Car Loan Ruin My Credit?
Getting Around Mortgage Ineligibility
How Qualified are we for a Mortgage Loan?
Rating Credit Scores
Effect of Interest Rate Cut for Consumers
How do Varying Credit Scores Affect Loan?
Paying off Line of Credit
Company Pulls Credit Report without Permission
Charging for Credit Report
Church Loan to Pastor - What Terms Can We Charge?
Credit Problems
Top Questions
Got a Question? We're here to help! Ask our team of banking experts!
Endorsing a Check Over to Someone Else
Time to Empty Safe Deposit Box at Failed Bank
How Long is a Check Good?
Insured Deposits: How safe is my money?
Bank Deposits Reported to the IRS
FDIC Changes Insurance Rules for Payable on Death ("POD") Accounts
Storing Cash in Safe Deposit Box
What Does "Refer to Maker" Mean?
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Bank allows EFT's to clear on Saturday
Check Cashing without Account
Taking a name off joint accounts
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